Bargles Bugbears

Bargle’s Bughears
This unusual Bugbear tribe has been long fascinated with the power of magic. It was originally composed of Bugbears, expert in forest lore and ambush tactics. While employed by the Black Eagle Baron Ludwig von Hendriks, the tribal leaders met the powerful magic user, Bargle the Infamous, and were awed by his magical prowess. However, rather than cow in fear, they asked Bargle to take them as apprentices. The evil magician kept the Bughears as a personal experiment, training Bugbear wiccas while solidifying their loyalty to him alone – he planned to use them against Ludwig, if the Baron goes out of hand. But that never happened and after both the dead of Ludwig and Bargle, this three hordes strong tribe has taken the name of Bargle’s Bughears.

The tribal chief is only known as The Ear of Bargle, and is one of the most powerful goblinoid wicca in Karameikos.

Each one of the three hordes is composed of:
1 Bugbear Leader Fighter: 6/Wizard:1
10 Bugbears Sergeants Fighter:3
100 Bugbears Soldiers


The Bargle’s Bugbears were disabled on Ierendi when the Band of the Wolf captured the Ear of Bargle and his lieutenants.

Bargles Bugbears

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