Band of the Wolf

Band of the Wolf
A group of adventurers that joined forces in the city of Threshold after been conned by Benedetto Difusallo. They found new reasons to adventure and to stay together and step by step they are gaining reputation and brotherhood.


Reputation Contacts:

Reputation Cuntries:
Kingdom of Karameikos
Kingdom of Ierendi
Archiduchy of Ochalea


Aranhil Thunderseeker
Axetor Stonecutter
Daero of Alfmyr
Yoshirou Nakajima
Valora Venatti
Raizak Derek
Maiavel of Alfmir
Nathaniel J. Flint
Joseph Alexander Xiloscient (deceased)
Helethil Bluebelleyes
Troyus Bloodstone
Cliona Cassidor Sulescu
Ignacio del Toro
Merkel Duncan
Frutumal Huntinghawk
Orik Chivay
Dio Stoutspark
Anya Wildbear
Carceran Sunreaver
Veitor Broskar

Benedetto’s Con
The Dread Horde Part I
The Dread Horde Part II
The Old Mill
The Dread Horde Part III
Trinkets and Prowess
The Black Wood Path
The Caverns of Quasqueton I
The Caverns of Quasqueton II
The Caverns of Quasqueton III
The Caverns of Quasqueton IV
The Caverns of Quasqueton V
The Goblin Woods Path
The Highforge Market
Dalen Mine Worms
Path to Sulescu
Strange adventures in Highforge
The Path of Giants
Silver Sword vs Wolfsbane Mace
A Sulescu in Specularum
Sulescus Heir
Arriving to The Great Port
The Tomb of Aloun Mattringle
The Tomb of King Greeg
Two Maps and Four Quests
Into the Aleea Reefs
Into the Takala Reefs
Wrath of the Iron Ring
Tokraka Paradise
Ambush near the cemetery
Deadly Celebration
The Black Pit Part 1
The Black Pit Part 2
Trip to Safari Island
The Hydra of Safari Island
Return to Ieredi Castle Dungeon I
Treasure of Mad Greeg Part I
Treasure of Mad Greeg Part II
The River of Death Part I
The River of Death Part II
Raizak in Fantasy Island
The Trials of Earl Novak Respen
The Trolls of Ursula
Return to Black Pit I
Return to Black Pit II
The Last Trap of Ursula
To Trap a Cat inside a Box
Ochalean Honor
Rusianus Parade
The Village of Lasimar
Dungeon of the Temple of Korimizo
Passing through the Black Rock
Ambushing Onedea


Band of the Wolf

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