Arcane Order

The Arcane Order of Glantri
Principalities of Glantri

The Mage of the Arcane Order
Also called a “guildmage,” a member of this prestige class is a spellcaster who belongs to an academy and guild known as the Arcane Order. The academy is called the Order in casual conversation, or sometimes just “that college of wizardry.” It is both a school for fledgling spellcasters and a guild for those of advanced knowledge and power.

The Arcane Order’s charter is twofold. The group’s first objective is advancing magical knowledge through both ongoing research and archaeological investigation of lost arcane disciplines. A good portion of research is centered around elucidating a “magical grammar” of the great power wielded in ages past, and this research has borne wondrous fruit: metamagic feats.

The second tenet is the support and welfare of the Order’s membership, initially through arcane schooling and later through companionship, resources, boarding, and access to the Spellpool. Although non-wizards can benefit somewhat from what the Order has to offer, its emphasis on wizardry deters most applicants. In fact, barely any bards or sorcerers are among their membership.

The titles inside the Order are as follows:

1. Guild Member
2. Novice
3. Disciple
4. Trusted
5. Adept
6. Expert
7. Brother
8. Master
9. Superior Master
10. Regent

The titles of Brother and below are automatically given to a member as long as he continues paying his fees and providing his spells.

The titles of Master and above are given in a ceremony depending on the order’s hierarchy and the reputation of the member. The title of regent is only given to the highest level member of the order.

Known members of the order:
Master Marcus Derek
Brother Raizak Derek

Arcane Order

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