Aloysius Island

Aloysius Island
Population: 40,000 people (1,000 Hin, 31,000 Humans, 6000 Elves, 2,000 Dwarves)
Capital: Jortan (5,000)
Area: 2,100 square miles
A former penal island controlled by the Thyatian Empire and founded by Aloysius Gonzaga(!), host to sickness carrying mosquitoes ( oddly called Mau-mau mosquito ). The mau-mau mosquitos turn victims into zombie-like creatures.

The recent discovery of mineral resources there have made it a target of increased settlement and development, despite the risks. Growing of the Jortan community is sponsored by the government.

It is also to be noted that some plantations here grow Zzonga fruit and make huge amounts of money selling it to the Alphatian Empire.

Specific Locations:
Aloysius South Plantations – Located east of Mount Umbaroa and belonging to investors from Ierendi City.
Albatros Hold
East Plantations – Mostly sugar cane, tobacco and coffee plantations.
Livingworth Tower
Mount Umbaroa
Mount Talaroa
Mau-Mau Bay
West Plantations – Mostly sugar cane, tobacco and coffee plantations.


Aloysius Island

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