Aleea Merfolks

Aleea Merfolks
Aleea Reefs

The Aleea Reefs are home to the underwater village of the Aleea Merfolk who, from time to time, lure sailors unto their dead to steal their treasures. Their underwater city is called The Obsidian City and is made of red coral and carved stones. The complete population is around 5,000 merfolks. Merfolk live in these reefs and lure sailors unto their dead…. Queen Maeyi is the leader of the merfolks of Aleea Reefs.

Aleea Merfolks see themselves as an artistic and proud race. Their preferred class is Bard, but druids and sorcerers are also present as do all the other classes. A few of their hunters are rangers but many of their defenses are composed of warriors. Merfolk speak Aquan and Common. They see Takala Tritons as violent and brutes. Their homes are not carved but grown from coral that is given the shape of large rooms that interconnect between them. Merfolk tend their crops and catch fish who they then keep on large cages made of coral. They like to keep some as pets and others to fatten and eat them. Merfolks bards use their Fascinate class feature to lure victims to traps like dangerous reefs. Singing is a part of everyday life for merfolks. Surfacers will still have a – 4 penalty on Diplomacy checks with Merfolks. Ways to diminish these penalty is to win their confidence. Some examples are: To give them a jewel or tool made of silver, gold or platinum (value 350 to 500gps), to impress them with an underwater artistic or magical feat.

Merfolk treat surfacers like strange visitors, some will fear them others will be curious. Surfacers will still have a – 4 penalty on Diplomacy checks with Merfolks.

Aleea Merfolks use Balee Whales that move at 40ft and they are moving with advantage of the current and haste taking a quarter of the time. Moving to Takala Reefs takes 12 hours at that rate.

Merfolk are aquatic humanoids that have the upper body, arms, and head of a fair-featured human from the waist up and instead of legs it has a fish-like tail from the hips down. Males are called “Mermen”, while females are called “Mermaids”. Their humanoid features are fey-like, more similar to elves than humans. Merfolk are capable of interacting with surface folk, as they can survive outside of the water. They do so rarely, however, as they cannot walk on land. They train Porpoise and use them as mounts and in combat.

Aleea Merfolks had some dealings with the surface dwellers, they prefer to speak with druids but they will speak to neutral people of any class or race as long as they treat them with respect. There are some merfolks who believe that surface dwellers are inferior and dangerous predators, specially fisherman who don’t care about capturing their kind in their nets.

A merfolk’s favored class is bard, and many merfolks have learn how to lure surface dwellers to dangerous waters.

The Merfolks of Aleea had some wars in the past: one against the Takala Tritons and three times against the dangerous Sahuagin. They have ended the war against the Tritons with a peace treaty called the Red Coral Truce and have been able to repel the attacking Sahuagin not without many loses.

They call the alliance with the Ierendi Royal Navy the Ierendi Golden Seal and try to keep and respect it. When they help the navy they monitor ships and inform ships of the navy about movement of the ships they encounter. The Ships of the navy use a special bell to call on nearby Merfolks and sometimes use their encounter to exchange surface items for ocean items like metal weapons for pearls and exotic food.

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Merfolk live in cities and isolated settlements within shallow seas and coral reefs, where protection and food is abundant. They train aquatic animals to serve as their guardians, similar to the way humans train dogs and horses. Merfolk’s only natural enemy is the Sahuagin . (Sahuagin are a fish-like, monstrous-humanoid species that live in oceans, seas, underground lakes, and underwater caves.)

The Aleea Merfolks are allies of Ierendi and fight alongside the Ierendi Royal Navy against invaders. In time of peace the Aleea Merfolks have 5 bands active. In times of war they can raise the number to 10.
Their army is organized in these types of groups or units: a company (2-4), patrol (12 plus 1 3rd-level lieutenants), or band (60 plus 3 3rd-level sergeant, 5 5th-level lieutenants, 3 7th-level captains, and 10 porpoises)


Aleea Merfolks

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