Ainsun (Town)
This settlement of 500 elves is the Head-Quarters of the Grunalf Clan. (500 is according to the Italian Demography document, is this number originally given in the GAZ?) Is part of the Kingdom of Alfheim.

possible 3e stating:
Ainsun, Village, Pop. 500, price limit: 1,000sp, ready Cash limit: 25,000sp 5 military 25 militia

Ainsun (Region)
(Here is a draft write up I had made for this portion of the Alfheim forest long ago, maybe it will be useful.
Note 1: This is geared toward an early version of my Birthright conversion so it needs some of that such stuff to be edited out.
Note 2: This was written before I learned of the Emerlas area.
Note 3: I no longer trust the 3,000 number that I used.)

— Greg Weatherup 2008/06/09 01:03

Ainsun is the heart of Clan Grunalf’s (Laigrenelas in old elvish) territory. This clan (numbering slightly less than 3,000) are highly skilled trackers and monster hunters. The Ainsun region encompasses the northern most part of Alfheim and the Canolbarth forest. It is a region of dense forest like most of the Canolbarth. The most prominent feature in this part of the Canolbarth forest, aside from the modest town of Ainsun, is the Black Lake. Though not large by most standards, it is the largest lake in Alfheim. It is caused by a natural dam about 15 miles north of Ainsun, blocking up the flow of the Black river draining from the Black Hills to the north-west. From there the river flows on south past Ainsun and joins the river of Monsters about 8 miles south of Ainsun. The River of Monsters drains from the foothills of the Dwarfgate Mountains to the North-East along the Ainsun-Mealidor dividing range, then runs east-West across Ainsun before heading south and draining into Elleromyr and the sump. It is so named because it runs along on the bad magic points of Alfheim, Thornbush South-East of Ainsun, from which monsters routinely emerge. However Ainsun is not just a region of Bad magic points, for it also encompasses two Good Magic Points: Misthaven (along the River of Monsters near the North-Eastern extremity) and Dew Drop (Also along the River of Monsters South-West of Ainsun).

Neighbors: To the south of Ainsun the Canolbarth (and Alfheim) spreads out, Mealidor to the South-East, Desnae to the South, and Elleromyr to the South-West. To the West is the North-Eastern corner of the Streel Plain, and the Darokinian fort of Fort Nell is only 8 miles from the forests edge. To the North-West lie the Black hills, the first 16 to 24 miles is sparsely settled by a few darokinian farmers and hamlets, beyond which lies the Broken Lands, from whichi humanoid raids are a constant threat. To the north a narrow ridge of the Dwarfgate Mountains makes travel to the Ethengarian steppes hazardous (not to mention the areas of the broken lands along the edge of that narrow route), though it is possible by sheltering in the isolated Darokinian communities at night. The biggest threat to Ainsun would be the trolls of C’Kag to the North-East, as they often raid out of there strongholds in the High Dwarfgate Mountains.

Law: King Doriath, in his adventuring days, joined in many of Clan Grunalf’s monster hunts in this area and knows the area very well. Clan Grunalf has long been strongly behind Doriath and he and Grunalf’s clan master Durifern Widefarer used to be friends in there adventuring days, though both have found the burden and duties of rulership have left no time for there friendship, and they have grown apart and so are not as close as they once were, though both trust and support the other. Doriath and Durifern both enjoy widespread popularity in Ainsun. Many adventurers from the other clans live in Ainsun, drawn there to partake in the monster hunts.

Temple: Before the coming of the Feadiel clan to Alfheim, Grunalf clan was often seen as the religious clan by default, and even today the Treekeepers of Grunalf clan are prominent. Reflecting this perhaps, Ainsun is still one of the most religiousl diverse areas of Alfheim, and it is here were the other elven immortals have the largest followings. Ilsundal, the creator of the Tree’s of life, and Mealiden Starwatcher, patron of Alfheim are the most prominently honoured members of the Elve’s pantheon, though Ordana, creator of the elves, also has a fairly prominent place here. There are even small elendaen movements honoring Calithia Starbrow along the shores of Black Lake. All of the Elven immortals have some small worship here, including Djea, Faunus, the Great One, Khoronus, Ixion, Ka, Pflarr, Terra, & Zirchev, though followers of Eiryndul are practically unheard of here. Some of the border communities that have suffered under humanoid raids from the Broken Lands, or from the Trolls of C’Kag, have even seen the appearance of a few shrines to Halav, though these are just as often found later abandoned.

Trade: What few Merchants there are here are most often Human’s from Darokin’s Umbarth House, or Elves of Clan Chossum working for Umbarth, Though independent Elves from Chossum Clan are not unheard of, nor are representatives from Darokin’s Mauntea or Corunglain houses.

Magic: In typical elven style, the magic of the forest is used for the collective good. Doriath is known to make freguent trips to Dew Drop for Magical research along with many other elven masters of magic there and at Misthaven. Some of the braver & more curious (or more sinister) study at Thornbush.

Army: 3rd Irregulars (Archers): Alfheim has not been to war in several (human) generations. The backbone of the 3rd Irregulars stationed in Ainsun are 160 Elven Archers who serve part time. Another 30 or so elven fighter types complement them in times of need, most of them are experienced monster hunters, many of them from clan Grunalf (there is even a human or two in this force). There can also be counted a force of about 10 elven wizards. It is captained by a Grunalf clan member.

Important Characters:

• Durifern Widefarer, Clanmaster of Clan Grunalf. An experienced adventurer and monster hunter. (elf, male, R11)

• Aeleris Grunalf, scout. His advance warning of a coming force of trolls saved an entire border region hamlet. (elf, male, R2)

• Alarrain Grunalf, a prominent Priestess of Illsundal she roams the forest (Elf, female, P5)

• Alinda Talloak (Pronounced “Tall-Oak”), The sole survivor of a slaughtered village as an infant, it is not even known which clan she is from. She has been adopted into clan Grunalf and is now a treekeeper for a village on Black Lake, Like her name implies, she is surprisingly tall for an elf. She loves to swim in the lake. (Elf, Female, F4/W4)

• Carlisan Grunalf, Monster hunter extraordinare (elf, male, F3)

• Deloran Grunalf, renowed cartographer. He spends many months each year mapping the Canolbarth. His knowledge of the overall forest as a whole is unmatched. Outwardly, he is a confidant and knowledgeable elf, but often second guesses himself when important decisions are called for. (elf, male, R4)

Shaun the Elfin, retired adventurer & artist. Shaun is one of the most renowned artists and adventurers of the Old World. A well-travelled and knowledgeable elf, she has retired from her adventuring career and is planning to move to Ierendi, where she is already a prominent member of the Adventurers’ Club. She is a formidable storyteller and has a deep passion for heroic tales. (elf, female, T12)

• Vilya the tracker, this elf from Clan Red Arrow, is right at home among the fellow trackers of Clan Grunalf. (elf, female, R4)


• The Black hills (and subsequently, the river and lake) were caused as an unexpected side effect of the great elven magics cast to turn the eastern streel plain into the Canolbarth. Other’s say the natural dam was from when the great elven general Dylen caused a massive landslide to stop a advancing orc army centuries ago.

• Lady Orbelain of Mordaen, is guarding Mealiden’s armor… But who and where is she?

• Engledoc, the famed elven adventurer, was murdered to cover up some evil plot he had stumbled across. It is said that if you can commune with the dead at his gravesite, he will tell you what you need to know to stop it, for whatever it is, it is a threat to all of Alfheim. But where is his gravesite? The only known clue: “Mordunastar Vargalos” was heard whispered in dreams across Alfheim right after his ‘disapearance’, but does it have anything to do with Engledoc? And what is it? A name? A Place? A thing? A password of somesort? Will anyone find out in time to stop this evil plot? (Note: I honestly can’t remember what the inspiration for this was! — Greg Weatherup 2008/06/09 01:09

• Orc’s from Xorg have established a secret underground base in Eastern Ainsun.

• The Darokinian Military has established a secret fort, just beyond (and hence out of site) of the northern ridge of the Dwarfgate Mounatins.

• Ethrilord Bilgrammus, the Glantrian Ambassador to Alfheim, is very interested in Thornbush. Perhaps too much so…. What nefarious plot are the glantrians planning?


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