Adventurers Club Headquarters

Adventurer’s Club Headquarters
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City
The Adventurers Club Headquarters is the home of a local group of adventurers who are considered Sirs by the King and Queen and have honors and duties like Knights. They participate in the Royal Tournament of Adventurers. Members have to participate in quests defined by the King and Queen. The Adventurer’s Club Headquarter Is located on The Great Port.


  • An adventurer must have gained at least 4 levels in a character class.
  • An adventurer must have gained reputation for doing something heroic.
  • An adventurer cannot have committed crimes or convicted of crimes on Ierendi. (Remember that only the Ierendi Tribunal can certify that and adventurer is a criminal, when honoring a diplomatic request from another country were the adventurer committed crimes.)


  • The members have to paid a inscription fee of 100gps that includes an evaluation process conducted by a committee of three members of the organization. The screening process includes a background check, reputation check and some tests to check skills, feats and special features known. If the evaluation process fails, the money is not returned.
  • There is a yearly fee of 100gps.


  • The organization provide accommodations of Good quality on the Headquarters. ( See Food, Drink, and Lodging ). If no accommodation is available, accommodation of similar quality must be paid by the organization for the adventurer on another establishment of good reputation.
  • The members are also informed with anticipation of any important posting on the Ierendi Royal Postings before the quests are posted.
  • Members who need craft shops to craft armors, weapons and other items, have their fees
    reduced to half if the shops honor the ACH.
  • Members have the 10% treasure tax reduced to 7%.


  • A member must honor a mandate made by the King, Queen and Ierendi Tribunal.
  • A member must pay all inscription and annual fees.
  • A member must honor the reputation and honor of the Adventurer’s Club Headquarters wherever he travels.

Duels organized using the Adventurer’s Club Rules are as follow:

  • The reason for the duel must be specified. Also what each duelist gains if he or she wins or does if he or she loses.
  • The type of duel can be to the death, until one of the opponents surrenders or until a specific condition happens (like using all arrows or spells, losing half the Hit Points, etc.)
  • A dueler can choose a proxy who will be in the duel in his behalf.
  • The weapon used to fight must be chosen. It could be a specific spell or weapons, a certain range of spells or weapons.
  • A location, duration and time for the duel must be chosen.
  • A member of the Adventurer’s Club will participate as a judge. The duel can be in one of the grounds already prepared by the Club.
  • Non-members must pay a fee of 50gps each.

The Oath of Respen-ak-Tarpis
Respen-ak-Tarpis, Draconic Earl, Prince of Arentela, was a noble from the Ierendi House of Lords ( who later become the Ierendi Tribunal ) and one of the founders of the Adventurer’s Club about 200 years ago. (An Earl is a noble with a rank just over a Viscount and below a Duke.) Respen-ak-Tarpis was an adventurer of great renown. The Oath include rules of engagement for adventurers (like the ones listed above).

One of the rules included the opportunity of every person to prove themselves as worthy adventurers and for worthy adventurers to prove themselves and be able to complete in the Royal Tournament.

Other Services:
The Adventurer’s Club Headquarter provide services not only for the members but also for non-members. Members can use the grounds to sell their services as teachers and help train or re-train non-members that pay them to. Non-members can interview members about adventure hooks, legends and lore.

Adventurers Club Headquarters

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