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  • Beitung

    *Beitung* [[Thyatian Empire]] [[Ochalea]] [[Celestial Domain]] Beitung is the capital of the Province of the [[Celestial Domain]] and of the complete Archduchy of [[Ochalea]] Population: 50,000 Ochalea's capital, Beitung, is a unique beauty, …

  • Celestial Palace

    *Celestial Palace* [[Beitung]] [[Celestial Domain]] [[Ochalea]] [[Thyatian Empire]] The Celestial Palace is the home of the Archduke of [[Ochalea]] is located on Beitung on the Celestial Domain.

  • Rusianus Vladetronus

    General Rusianus Vladetronus (also known as General Tri-Scars) is the current head of the [[Thyatian Empire]] military on [[Ochalea]]. He has no respect for Ochalean Customs but tolerated them as part of his functions. Recently he was able to alert the …

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