D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

Benedetto's Con

Benedetto’s Con
A group of adventurers find themselves in the city of Threshold, tricked by a con artist with forged papers named Benedetto Difusallo and present a complaint to the government of the Kingdom of Karameikos through the bureaucrat Lardos Grobaras. Not wanting to wait for Justice to find Benedetto, the join forces to find him. they didn’t find him, as he has skipped town leaving Duh Torpeson posing as him on an inn. Later that evening, Aleena Halaran, paladin and defender of Threshold and niece of Baron Sherlane Halaran hires them to dispatch a gang of goblins that are south of the city.

Aranhil Thunderseeker
Cliona Cassidor Sulescu
Daero of Alfmyr
Joseph Alexander Xiloscient
Maiavel of Alfmir
Nathaniel J. Flint
Raizak Derek
Troyus Bloodstone
Valora Venatti
Yoshirou Nakajima


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