Zuleidan Kithkany

War Priest of Apollo


Zuleidan Kithkany
Born: unknown
Raised: orphanage belonging to the temple of Pelor.
Age: 30
Race : Half Elf
Base class: Cleric:10
Prestige Class: War Priest:7
Zuleidan kithkany is a 5’6", slim, white skin, long dark yellow hair, green eyed half elf, Cleric-war priestest of the diety Apollo.


Lady Zuleidan Kithkany is a warpriest of Apollo on the Church of Thyatis who was part of the adventurers group Dusk and Dawn. She is a scattered brain, good hearted, always looking for the well being of erroneous. She was left in an orphanage of the deity Pelor, that’s the place where she started to show abilities only clerics could perform, though her true calling was never of that God. As she was growing up she felt the need to go out into the world, as she sets to new experiences she meet various characters like Barenta, Abhorson and Felipe De La Torre y Rodriguez, among other colorful companions which made adventuring much more interesting. In her travels she found a little town with common people, a ruler an unholy ruler and a problem with werewolves. Although at the end she had to leave town she promise she would return at some point.

Upon return to the city that raised her, Specularum, she felt her true calling in the temple of Apollo where she laid her soul to the arms of his grace, and became War Priestess for him. In this particular time there was a rite of passage, of sorts, that she had to go through. Though she was lost for an entire week, no one seems to care why we’re she was. The day she was found thy didn’t made any sense as to why she took so long. No even her companions care to know her whereabouts. Only I care. With the fall of Baron Black Eagle ( Ludwig von Hendriks ) after everything settle down. She took of. Said that she had unfinish business.

Patriarch :
Zuleidan in order for you to have the divine grace of Apollo you need to go on a pilgrimage.
Zuleidan :
OK, I will do my best to please Apollo, so I could be in his grace. How long is going to be.
As long as needed.
As Zuleidan starts her pilgrimage, she decided to go to the garden of the castle.
Zuleidan :
For a garden this place is kind of big,
I didn’t think it resemble so much to a forest. As she walk around she noticed the sound of what it seemed as animal was getting closer to her. Turning around her heart started pulsing rapidly, as she saw a tiger that double her size and build, a legendary tiger. As the creature got closed a sudden peace sorruounded her and she gave herself to the will of Apollo. The legendary tiger got closed to her and sniff her a couple of times. With a deep roar it took two steps back, and a voice of a man said, “What do you mean she has my smell”. As the creature sat in front of her another roar this time more like a repose, the man said with a hurt tone answer Bilskirnir, you don’t have to insult me either. Besides I knew where I was going but you decided to start running these way. And I’m not lost.
Who’s there, show your self.
She didn’t notice, but behind the tiger a man with with a cloak showed up. Look midsized, very strong to be carrying a heavy crossbow. He took his cloak back and saw the face of an old man with long yellow hair, white skin,.
Zuleidan :
Looking at his eyes, ¿do I know you. Have we met before?
I guess not, if I did I don’t remember when or where. And since Bilskirnir didn’t ate you I guess you are friend, though I don’t know why she said you smell like me.
Zuleidan :
That legendary tiger is yours?
I wouldn’t say she is mine. She is my partner, my friend, my companion.
Zuleidan :
Wait she said I smell like you?
Yeap, AZ loud and clear as we are speaking now.
Zuleidan :
How is that posible, are you a celestial?
Far from it, I’m a ranger by profession, beast master by nature.
As the two of them got to know each other, it felt like days has passed within a few minutes.
Zuleidan :
It’s been nice while it lasted but I have to go, I’m in a pilgrimage and I haven’t finish it.
Man :
I have had a blast this couple of days. So I will be on my way.
As both of them starts to get ready to leave a a mist started to raise.
Zuleidan :
Wait after all this time I don’t know your name. My name is Zuleidan kithkany from the country of karameikos.
Kithkany… Where I have heard… Excuse me… I like it when my friend call me Savage. But my real name is Achteric….
As the mist got thicker sound was getting lost to.

As the mist clears Zuleidan starts walking aimlessly like it it felt like a couple of days. No food, no water, the only thing she could do is trust in the guidance of Apollo. Then she stumbles to the ground. Next she sees Frutumal as he kneels to the ground and helps her to her feet.
Zuleidan looks around and tells Frutumal that she didn’t know that the garden felt like a forest. She explains everything that happened to her. But her companions didn’t understood anything that came out of her mouth. Though she felt that Apollo did something she just couldn’t take of her mind that man that she saw on her journey. There was something deep withing him that was empty and she felt like she was part of that emptiness that needed to be fill.

The official posture of Church of Thyatis is that Kithkany must be arrested and sent to the main temple on Specularum. The un-oficial local posture of Sulescu is that they will kill the cleric for attacking the Baron. Zuleidan has a small unit of Rangers that follow her: Kithkany Hunters.

She was arrested on the events narrated in Silver Sword vs Wolfsbane Mace

The The FishSword is arriving to Mirror Bay, as a prisoner Zuleidan Kithkany tells the two Clerics of Apollo: “ You have made a very big mistake, one that I committed years ago and it followed me every were I go. One of those mistakes that burn your soul. You should have let me kill the monster . Now the blood is in your hands… “

The Clerics, Frutumal Huntinghawk and Dio Stoutspark tell Kithkany about Leica Woodsplinter’s box and their quest to help people. She tells them to seek information on the “Apollo Sacrificial Dagger” that she stole from the Church of Thyatis. “ Speak to Hythus Phorous. “ – she tells them

Zuleidan Kithkany

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