Zuijin Kamidu

The Prodigy


Centurion Zuijin Kamidu
Male Ochalean Human Fighter: 9


Zuijin Kamidu is called " The Prodigy " and he is son of Chichiro Kamidu a famous commander of the Thyatian Empire Legion on Ochalea. Zuijin has always exceeded in all disciplines, been the best in archery, swordmanship and mounted combat. He studied alongside other ochaleans like Yoshirou Nakajima and his brothers, always becoming triumphant in every competition and every skill challenge. He became known as " The Prodigy " by his family and friends.

Zujin received a ceremonial sword from Archduke Teng Lin-Dieu as a reward
for his heroism fighting pirates.

Zuijin Kamidu

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