Zhan Ila



Zhan Ila
Female Ochalean 44yo Commoner: ? Neutral
AC 10; hp 25; Al N; S 7, I 16, W 14. D 11, Co 9, Ch 10. Languages: Common, Ochalean, Thyatian.
Skills: Diplomacy: + 6, Knowledge (Nature): + 9, Profession (HouseKeeper): + 9, Sense Motive: + 8.

Appearance: Ila appears as a middle-aged Ochalean woman of average height and weight. She wears typical Ochalean garb and is never armed. She often will be seen with her youngest son Pe Pi To when out of the home.


History: Zhan Ila is a 44-year old woman, having born on Vanya’s Day, 956 AC, in a small Ochalean village. She was married off at age 13, and has raised 3 children. Her life has been rather uneventful. She lives in the Village of Lasimar on the Celestial Territories of Ochalea.

Personality: Ila disapproves of the adventurous women of other lands (and especially those Ochaleans who dare violate the customs of their home) and is content to be a housewife, tending after her home, her family, and her garden. She is fairly personable, and only really gets riled up if someone tries to bring harm to those people and things she treasures.

Zhan Ila

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