Evil Cleric


S: 5; D: 10; C: 10; I: 14; W 16; C 16; AL: Chaotic Evil; AC: 17; hp 38
Spells: 1st Level: cure light wounds (x2), purify food and water. 2nd Level: bless (x2). 3rd Level: cure disease, striking
Wears plate mail and helmet, shield; carries mace + 1, war hammer, 3 bottles holy water,
2 holy symbols
+ 3 Staff of Power gives him one extra spell per level.


ZARGASH wears dark robes over his armor, and a leather cover over his skullcap helmet.
He hates the Heartstone and RINGLERUN for bringing out his dark nature. He is not
smart enough to be a magic-user, but he thinks he is. ZARGASH may seem easygoing,
but he is a deadly enemy, and he often talks to people in such a way as to convince them that his goals are their goals. He aids KELEK against RINGLERUN, and he hates MERCION who once
was his assistant. ZARGASH wants to rule the land, and he will not help anyone unless it forwards his purposes. Until such a time when he can take over, ZARGASH is content to be an advisor to KELEK.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero