Assassin and thief


Evil Half-Orc Rogue: 7 / Assassin: 5
S 16; D: 14; C: 14; I: 11; W 15; CH 11; AL: Chaotic Evil; AC: 16; hp 55;
Wears leather armor; carries sword, dagger + 1


Zarak Evil Half-Orc Assassin is heavyset (5’9", 240 lbs.) and has crafty dark eyes. He favors dark clothing and a dark blue hood so he blends with the shadows. Zarak is half-orc, but acts like a full-blooded orc. His leather armor is dyed black, and he has a magical dagger that glows softly within 15’ of hidden gems or jewels. Zarak now hates Peralay, though he was once Peralay’s friend: when the two of them were exposed to the rays of the Heartstone, Zarak’s cruel and evil nature was brought out while Peralay’s good nature was brought out. Zarak wanted to steal the sacred stone, but Peralay prevented him, and he has hated the elf since that day.

Zarak disappeared years ago just after he killed Sir Aelxan Cazeneuve(!) on the Principalities of Glantri. His whereabouts are unknown.

Bargle The Detective discovers information about Zarak‘s arrival to Ierendi City 20 years ago. " Zarak! It wasn’t Razak! This is the man the The Ear of Bargle is looking for. The name he was trying to track. " It appears that, at that time, Zarak paid the Iron Ring to give him a new cover identity to live in hiding on the islands because he had just killed a noble on the main land. The person who he contacted was a younger Redwig Thellus Hendriks who wasn’t the head of the Iron Ring yet at that time.

Stormbreaker speaks first: " Redwig notes show that a half orc named Zarak came from the Kingdom of Karameikos about 20 years ago. He paid for a new identity and a comfortable house on Aloysius Island. Zarak had a small black box that he was very protective off. Redwig wasn’t the head of the Iron Ring yet, he was one of the lieutenants. He sent Zarak to Tokraka to be safe and lay low. He processed the forgeries. When the time come for Zarak to came back to Redwig to claim them he didn’t show at all. Redwig took the high amount of gold and used it for himself to raise in power on the Iron Ring. "

Ikako then takes the word: " An orc or half orc came to Tokraka village. He had a small black box that he was very protective off. His name was not asked but this happened 20 years ago. Rele was the person assigned to keep him comfortable and to guide him around. Something bad happened the third night, something evil. We believe that, by mistake, Rele touched the orc’s box. We found rele’s body on the orc’s villa. He was dead. We also found Rele’s wife and two sons dead on his hut. The orc had slayed them. The orc was on a rampage killing everyone who got on his way. We defended ourselves. "
Ikako looks at Stormbreaker and Stormbreaker nods his head. " We have a pit were we dispose of the bodies of those who ‘disappear’ around Tokraka. "


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