Yuri Ilyov

Owner of The Volk


Yuri Ilyov
Male Human 50yo Expert: 6


Yuri Ilyov is the current owner of The Volk that is this local landmark has been in the Ilyov family for over 100 years. The Volk is noted for its understated elegance and impeccable service.

The adventurers group Band of the Wolf discovered that the Ilyov family was one of the families that benefit from the dealings of the late Baron Luvin Valurescu with the legendary heroes that built Caverns of Quasqueton about a hundred years ago. The Ilyov family were woodcrafters who built the furniture but also carved a temple-sized set of doors using wood who has magical properties. The wood doors were enchanted with a powerful spell to reinforce them and protect the entrance of the fortress. From the remaining pieces of the wood, the Ilyov built a series of family emblems for the rich families of those times, and who copied the letter font used by the long dead heroes. Some of these emblems survived to these times.
Yoshirou Nakajima copied the emblems for future reference.

Yuri Ilyov

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