Yomara Opalshore

Governess of Aloysius Island


Yomara Opalshore
Governor of Aloysius Island
Female Half-Elf Half-Makai 98yo Fighter:6/Aristocract:3 Lawful Evil


Governor Yomara Opalshore is a half-elf half-makai leader of the people of Aloysius Island. She rules from the Government Mansion on Jortan, a small fortress with her personal guard (15 Fighter:3). She is owner of some tobacco plantations on the West area of the island.

Governor Opalshore administers the resources of the Island including the use of prisoner of Livingworth Tower that are used as workers on the plantations. She also keeps a constant check and communication with the local Iron Ring representatives to maintain the supply of slaves to work the plantations. She directly oversees the prison on Livingworth Tower.

Yomara Opalshore

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