Ygus the Little

Iron Ring Thug


Ygus the Little
Male Thyatian Human Rog3/Ftr3 Chaotic Evil


Ygus “The Little” is a thyatian born thug that works as an enforcer for the Iron Ring in Ierendi. He is loyal to Redwig Thellus Hendriks and has been known to follow, stalk and beat up a Ierendi Royal Navy officer that was threatening his boss. He is a gambler and a heavy drinker and gets in bar fights all the time.

Ygus was victim of a hold person spell, a charm person spell and an invisibility spell casted by Raizak Derek, later, after been interrogated, he was delivered to Eligea Stormbreaker’s justice. He is sentence to 10 years of heavy work on Aloysius Island.

Ygus the Little

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