Yama Orce

Hunter for Hire


Yama Orce
Female Ierendian Sorcerer:4/Ranger:4 Chaotic Neutral


Yama Orce claims to be a hunter that works independent in Safari Island. She can be hired for less gold than the other counterparts like Hector Rushblood and Quark Madeye. Safari Island Costs. She was born on Fletcher Island but has lived the last 4 years in Safari Island.

She has a dire wolf as a companion that she calls “Sparks”.

Her group of guides are a family of hunters. They are the three sons of the not-so-famous now-dead pirate Noten Goko Honez(!). Their names are Cinco(!), Pokosko(!), Tokoko(!). The Honez brothers are proud makai hunters (Ranger:3).

During the events of The Hydra of Safari Island, the Band of the Wolf discover that their guide Yama Orce had lied about her experience tracking. She did that to be considered for the job. She follows the hydra’s tracks and finds a cave with a secret lab. The place had evidence of been owned by the late Tana Nightwing. Upon returning to Kobos the Band of the Wolf tell Yama to report to Jhonuko and she is given her full hunter privileges. She is told by Jhonuko that no one should know about Tana’s lab because that secret lab and her experiments were a “privilege of her position”. Two of the Honez brothers, Cinco and Pokosko, died during that adventure.

Yama Orce

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