Dangerous Fugitive


Female Rakashasa Outsider: 7/ ???? Lawful Evil

Special Qualities: Change shape, damage reduction 15/silver, darkvision 60 ft., spell resistance 27, Detect thoughts.
Typical Sorcerer Spells Known (6/7/7/5; save DC 13 + spell level)
0—detect magic, light, mage hand, message, read magic, resistance, touch of fatigue; 1st—charm person, mage armor, magic missile, shield, silent image; 2nd—bear’s endurance, invisibility, acid arrow; 3rd—haste, suggestion.


Xaphira is a Rakshasa from Clan Sheeastas who escaped the recent destruction of her clan on the Isle of Dawn and returned to Ochalea only to find her people on the verge of extinction. The Clan has been hunted for decades on Ochalea for their evil ways.

Xaphira killed a few key people who could get on her way, expecting the government to fear her, but that only caused more persecution and faster elimination of the Clan. She escaped again, this time to the west. Is rumored she could be on Ierendi or the Minrothad Guilds.

The people she killed on Ochalea were important people: A Judge named Hito and a Commander named Shiriku. The Ierendi Tribunal placed a reward on her capture.

Long John Silver and his ‘boys’ found some information about Xaphira’s background: " Xaphira is a cunning adversary who loves to have slaves and servants. Rumors are that she even drain them of blood before eating them. She was one of the cruel slave traders of Clan Sheeastas on the Isle of Dawn and worked on a place called Hanging Port. She escaped the Isle of Dawn from there when all nations turned against her clan. She had some enemies before the clan fell, specifically people who were against slavery and will stop Xaphira’s slave shipments from delivering their cargo. Is possible that she had raised in power as a sorcerer because she has been seen casting a spell of Phantasm Killer. And she has a cat familiar. "

The Band of the Wolf deliver their two prisoners Xaphira and Benedetto Difusallo to the authorities of the Thyatian Empire on the city of Waping Piao on Ochalea.


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