Winslow Winceslau



Sir Winslow Winceslau
Male Ierendi Human Expert:9


Sir Winslow Winceslau is in charge of the Ierendi Royal Library and only allows visitors approved in writing by the Ierendi Tribunal. He has no sense of humor unless a new book is the matter in question. That makes him anxious and emotional depending if he is expecting the new acquisition or reading the new acquisition. Between those two moments, he returns to his normal taciturn life, keeping all the books in place and dusting them.

Sir Winceslau records daily events for the record books and occasionally posts items of particular interest on the outer castle walls. He is the sole judge of a new item’s worthiness.

He still does regularly visits to his predecessor, Farrem Carreri, an old man who resides across the river. Farren knows about the Nithian history and language, among other topics of interest.

Winslow Winceslau

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