Weradis Redmenta Reddagger

Animal Handler


Weradis Redmenta Reddagger
Fighter: 2/ Expert: 2/ Ranger: 2
Neutral Evil Female Dwarf


Weradis Redmenta Reddagger is the owner of the “animal handling, horse selling and general beast connoisseur” Red Mane of Highforge. She is a little trickster and takes advantage of her customers if she can. Her adventurer’s experience used to her own benefit.

“This horse is a bargain, I tell you, he’s name is Sweety and it use to belong to an old lady that only rided it to the Temple on Sundays. Is a real bargain. Just feed him right, change the oil on her mane once in awhile and you will have a good horse ready every day.”

Weradis has a medium sized Lizard Farm on the Highforge Family Mines just near Kudok Wallknocker’s holdings. They are fighting all the time. “Too much noise, neighbor!”

Weradis Redmenta Reddagger

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