Volet Firespitter

Thug and Thief


Volet Firespitter
Male halfling Rog15 CG;


Volet Firespitter was born on the Thyatian Empire were he was raised in a band of thieves and assassins. He made his own group of halfling thieves that worked for the Iron Ring and the group was accused of killing travellers and steal from them. The band have to disband about two years ago as the Thyatian Army was close to capture them.

Volet is an expert throwing flasks and is always carrying oil, alchemist fire and other strange mixes of his own concord. Is rumored that Volet has ties with a halfilng pirate.

Troyus Bloodstone is informed by both Leiliana Greyward and Long John Silver that the assassin of his family Volet Firespitter has rented a house on Ierendi City Southshore and that he has been receiving others adventurers, a barbarian female human and a karameikan female wizard.

Ygus the Little tells Troyus that the other criminals that have arrive to do business with Volet are Gakizha and Lady Lamia. They actually arrived in their own business but had an agreement with Redwig: Redwig has them as backup if he needs them in his plans. In exchange for that, he offered them the safe house they are hiding on.

During the events known as Versus Lupus Inferni Part I and Versus Lupus Inferni Part II, many members of the Lupus Inferni are killed by the Band of the Wolf: Gakizha, Lady Lamia, and Ragnakrom. Volet is capture by Dontomi Padachi and deliver inside a sack to Troyus Bloodstone.

Volet Firespitter

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