Voder Kolneros

Master Shipbuilder


Master Voder Kolneros
Officer of the Ierendi Shipbuilders Office
Governor of Alcove Island
Head of Clan Filwarf
Male Ierendi Dwarf Expert:15


Master Voder Kolneros is the Master Shipbuilder of Kurutiba’s Port on the Alcove Island of Ierendi but he comes from Aloysius Island. He distrust even his shadow, " just in case " . He has always been in good terms with the Ierendi Royal Navy officers and the King and Queen of Ierendi who consider him a trusty public servant and friend.

He is Head of Clan Filwarf a rich dwarven clan that benefits with trade with his own clan on the Isle of Dawn and Clan Syrklist in the Kingdom of Rockhome. The truth is that Kolneros has built a profitable business for himself and his big family (he has two wife and twelve sons and daughters) building and repairing ships.

Master Kolneros seats as Tribune of the Ierendi Tribunal and is the Officer of the Ierendi Shipbuilders Office. He is greed and traditional and always tries to have some control over others who compete with him in the shipbuilding business.

Voder Kolneros

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