Viyno the Nixie


Viyno the Nixie
Male Small Fey:1 Neutral


Viyno the Nixie is a trickster and a prankster that lives with his sister Viyna on Red Coral Forest on the seas of Ierendi. Their modus operandi is to tell an individual a riddle and if they don’t solve it the nixies charm the person to fish or do other task for them.

Listen closely, I’m hard to understand
I am as elusive as is a handful of sand.
Even if you perceive me, you know me not
before you can tell me, what I have forgot.

The Nyxies Viyna y Viyno o Red Coral Forest try to charm and steal two of the Merfolks of the escort to use them as fast mounts. Some of the man of the wolf are able to rescue the warriors and capture the tricksters. Thelis wants to amputate the Nyxie’s arms and legs as a punishment for all the years of them bothering the merfolks. The specific Band of the Wolf’s members are able to convince the ranger to spare them and gain information and a magical fairy promise." If you save us, we will promise you this: At any moment that you are in the Ierendi Archipelago you can call into the sea waters our names using this song and we will come to place a Water Breathing spell on you (this is valid once per adventurer involved):

Viyno of the deeps come
Viyna of the deeps respond
You own me a magical deed
I want to dwell like you in the deeps.

The adventurers that won that promise are: Merkel Duncan, Aranhil Thunderseeker, Nathaniel J. Flint, Raizak Derek, Yoshirou Nakajima and Daero of Alfmyr.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero