Viikker Travelmarch

The Travelling Bard


Viikker Travelmarch
Lord Vikker of Erewan
Corridor Master
Neutral Elf Male 245yo Bard:14/Corridor Masters: 4

Intuit Direction: 8 Ranks, Knowledge (Portals & Gates), Knowledge (Arcana): 8 Ranks, Spellcraft 6 Ranks, Knowledge (Cartography): 6 Ranks.

Dimensional Door, Teleport

First Circle (3/day): Detect Corridor, Open Corridor
Second Circle (2/day): Protect Corridor
Third Circle (1/day): Merchant Gate
Fourth Circle (1/week): Magic Barrier


Viikker Travelmarch is an elven bard of renown who has been a member of at least two adventurer’s groups of legend. At the beginning, he was a member of the The King Companions (before they were even knew by that name), later on, he moved to another group called Falton and JadKin. He is a personal friend of both Sir Atrey Gariat of the Kingdom of Nathania and Prince Étienne d’Ambreville head of the Great School of Magic of the Principalities of Glantri. He has travelled to the Amazonia, Alphatian Empire and even the Moons of Mystara if legends are correct. He became a member of the Adventurers Club Headquarters when he joined with his friend Sandokan years ago.

Viikker is originally from a now destroyed faraway elven kingdom located on what is known today as the Dreconia. He now lives (or expends more than a few weeks a year) on the Principality of Erewan were he has the title of Lord and a small villa. Vikker is a member of the Corridor Masters and as such he has access to Magical Corridors that he uses to visit every corner of the Known World and beyond….

Viikker was responsible for the fame of Barenta Lockerhelm on the Principalities of Glantri were she would have been burned on the stake for been both a cleric and a dwarf, but was treated as a hero for her role on destroying the aberrations that were plaguing the area.

Viiker has been known for joining adventurer’s groups under false names just to learn stories (or be part of them) that will lead to epic bardic songs. His adventures with people like Sir Falton Somar has make him a known adventurer himself, but he prefers his role as a companion and storyteller, which make him a epic bard on the Glantri City nightlife.

Viikker Travelmarch

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