Vaaron Goldchain



Vaaron Goldchain
Dwarf Male Fighter:9


Vaaron Goldchain is a merchant on the Domain of Highforge who’s name implies that he’s wealthy but he isn’t. He was arrested years ago on charges of been a member of the Iron Ring criminal organization and expend some time on jail for it. He lose many of his wealth but was given back his freedom.

Because of his experience working as a mercenary, Vaaron knows a lot about orcs, goblins, bugbears and other semihuman tribes that roam around the Kingdom of Karameikos and has helped Captain Frolina Dragonshield in more than one occasion to identify the Karameikos Semihuman Tribes members, banners and secret codes.

SECRET: Daero of Alfmyr discovered that Vaaron Goldchain is still an active member of the Iron Ring when he was hired by him to kill a dwarf of Highforge.

Vaaron Goldchain

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