Captain Ursula of The Sea Hag


Captain Ursula
Female Human Rogue:5 / Sorcerer: 5 Chaotic Evil


Captain Ursula of the The Sea Hag is a mercenary and pirate who has been prohibited entry in all the ports of Ierendi and Minrothad Guilds for her chaotic actions. She was originally captain of a ship called “The Black Barnacle” but she lost it in a battle seven years ago against the pirate Sandokan. She was believed death at the time but she has returned, more vicious than ever with The Sea Hag an a crew of merrow ogres and orcs at her command.

Ursula is a deceiver traitor who wants to always get what she wants, when that doesn’t happen, chaos will follow her for sure.

The Band of the Wolf stop the plans of Captain Ursula who has temporary allied herself with Captain Redbeard to provoke a war between the Aleea Merfolks and Takala Tritons when she stole the Horn of the Tritons. They gain a dangerous enemy that day.

Captain Ursula confronts the Mad Sea Druid and tells him that " I know about The Circle and that you are part of it. " That causes a rage on the part of the Druid and a expeditious escape on the part of the pirate using teleport.

Ursula was found to be a Sea Hag and killed by the Band of the Wolf during the events of The Last Trap of Ursula.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero