Troyus Machistes

General of the CXXI Legion


General Troyus Machistes
Human Male, 59yo, Fighter: 20
A strong built, thyatian male with battle scars, piercing eyes and enigmatic smile.


Troyus Machistes was a promising officer of the Thyatian Empire Legions since his earlier service but he fell in the bad side of Senator Xaturis Mulatovilus when he fell in love with his daughter Suliana. The daughter of General Hikrion Kunealus, Viana fell in love with him and told Siliana’s father about the forbidden romance. Senator Mulatovilus and General Kunealus sent Machistes to the Isle of Dawn in a suicide mission to die. General Kunealus was at that moment the most powerful Thyatian military officer in the territory and knew that sending Machistes there will be a very dangerous travel. Machistes returned triumphant and with knowledge of hidden secrets on the Plateau of the Isle of Dawn. He kept that information to himself planing to find the resources to go back as an adventurer and make himself rich.

General Kunealus sent him to another mission where he was lost at sea in the lost isle of the witch Circe. He was rescued by the adventurer group Dusk and Dawn. He hired the group to get some of the treasures from one of the tombs he knew the “Tomb of Naladina” and used that gold to buy his way up against his two powerful political and military enemies Mulatovilus and Kunealus. He finally achieved the rank of General.

One of his best friends was Gorgonopolus a minotaur Decharon from the isle of Barony of Koskritos, who retired and then become the Captain of the Guard on the city of West Portage, on the Isle of Dawn. Another one of his allies was the Decharon Miyamoto from the Island of Ochalea.

In AC 1010, the Empire of Thyatis sends the CXXI Legion under the command of General Troyus Machistes to conquest the plateau located on the center of the south part of the Isle of Dawn. He ensemble a special unit called Legion CXXI Silent Unit to help him battle the Alphatian Empire operatives.

After the campaign ended, Troyus returned to Thyatis City and retired from military life.

Troyus Machistes

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