Treasure Hunter



Treasure Hunter
Male Ierendi Commoner: 1 (?)


“Treasure Hunter” is an old beggar on Ierendi City that sometimes (when he has enough gold) gets drunk and talks about how he used to raid tombs, find treasures and get rich.

" Thank you, thank you, gentleman Yoshirou Nakajima, you are a man of great heart. I am very grateful, very much grateful… I believe you are asking about the Ierendi Castle Dungeon. Is a big place, I heard, big and dangerous. Lost secrets and treasures could await there. We can’t tell the exact amount or location. Many times the place has been rebuilt, expanded, partially closed, repaired, and destroyed. Many times, indeed. Ten years ago, there was this man, i believe that his name was Biccebos Little Finger. He claimed that Prince Aloun Greeg Mattringle was right and that there was a secret vault in the dungeon with a vast treasure. He claim that there was a silver key and that it was inside Prince Aloun’s corpse. He swallow it when he was dying. Biccebos wanted to get into the mausoleum and open the dead prince’s body like a fish to find the silver key. But he didn’t know were the vault was… or so he claimed. One day, he disappeared and nobody saw him again. I think he was able to enter the Dungeon to get the silver key but was unable to get out… That is what I think. "

Treasure Hunter

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