Tordek Stonewall

Dwarven Defender


Sir Tordek Stonewall
Fighter:10/Dwarven Defender:3
Lawfull Good Dwarf Male 62yo


Sir Tordek Stonewall of Stonecutter Clan is one of the greatest heroes of Highforge on the Kingdom of Karameikos. He was a member of the adventurer group Dusk and Dawn who killed Black Eagle. He is a member of the Griffin Knights and follows them bound to Honor, Courage, Resistance and Courtesy. He has won the Medal of Honor and Medal of Valor of Karameikos. He is a follower of the Church of Moradin and is a personal friend of Queen Barenta of the Kingdom of Rockhome. His trusty waraxe “RoukalShaver” is enchanted.

He once married to Beutia, the daughter of Konar Orccleaver using the Gnome Wedding with a not so great experience. His brother in law, Arak, is one of his best friends.

Player: Héctor Mártinez

Tordek Stonewall

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