Toki Rozakis

Business woman


Toki Rozakis
Tribune of the Department of Internal Affairs
Head of Clan Caulker
Female Ierendi Halfling Aristocrat/Expert:3


Toki Rozakis is a rich halfling trader from Ierendi Island, her line of business is the import and export of textiles. She is a mathematical prodigy and a friendly face for halflings of the Five Shires who want to do business on Ierendi. She travels every year to the Five Shires with one of her cargoes. Toki is married with two halfling kids. His husband’s name is Kennair Papersword(!) a writer.

Mrs. Toki is also the Head of Clan Caulker, a clan that is composed of descendants of prisoners from the Five Shires and is compose of rich halfling families. She has contacts on Clan Stormhin on the Five Shires.

Mrs. Toki is a member of the Ierendi Tribunal in charge of the Department of Internal Affairs. Recently, she had some trouble with his subordinate Alistair Munden, head of the Ierendi House of Law and Justice, about a decision that involves , head of Che Yip the Ierendi Port Administration.

Five years ago Port Administrator Che Yip reported a ship from the Five Shires that was trying to unload cargo without the proper manifesto and permits. He then reported that Tribune Toki Rozakis was using her influences to help her fellow halflings. Judge Alistair Munden decision failed against Tribune Rozakis with a series of fees even when the evidence was not completely clear. He claimed that " The Tribunal is not above the law, the law is above all. This should be set an as example to others. "

Mungo Ship-Shearer tells about Toki: " She is strong hearthed
and sometimes favors her own people even when her clan was sent here by the Five Shires as convicts. She is a good person. "

Toki was killed by one of Leicas Toys.

Toki Rozakis

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