Étienne d'Ambreville

Prince Étienne d'Ambreville


Étienne d’Ambreville, le Prince – Magicien
Headmaster of the Great School of Magic
Head of House Ambreville
The Great Magician
35th level wizard (15 epic high levels) Human, True Neutral (slight lawful and good tendencies sometimes chaotic in his senile ramblings and actions)


Prince Etienne d’Amberville was the most powerful wizard Averoigne had ever known. Unfortunately for him, Averoigne was not a place that appreciated wizardry. All forms of magic were outlawed, and magic-users were hunted down and killed. After years of study, Etienne discovered a way to create a magic portal from Averoigne to another plane. In AC 728, Etienne led his vassals through the portal to the Principalities of Glantri on Mystara, where they founded the Principality of New Averoigne. Later they would use the portal again to bring more refugees through, as well as giving House Crownguard use of the portal.

Étienne d'Ambreville

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