Thalan Eresandir

Brother Thalan


Brother Thalan Eresandir
(Lawful Neutral human male Monk:6)
Knowledge (Nature) + 10
Knowledge (Monsters) + 10


Brother Thalan Eresandir was a monk who studied the flora and fauna of the Kingdom of Karameikos for many years before deciding to travel around the kingdom to collect specimens for the Specularum University. He was killed by unknown near Threshold and now is a wandering soul who has made a semi – permanent home in the wilderness east of Threshold. His expertise on most monsters is invaluable to novice and expert adventurers alike.

To speak to him a PC must build a shelter for small animals or plant a seeds or clean the area. Them a silver piece must be placed on a rock that has distinctive carvings on a small clearing. The last step is to spoken his name twice in low voice: “Thalan Eresandir, I call on your wisdom, Brother, I’m thirsty of knowledge, speak to me, so I can drink.”

Thalan Eresandir

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