Terl Gol

Captain of the Guard


Captain Terl Gol
Captain of the Guard of Elegy Island
Commander of Malpipas Tower
Male Makai Human Fighter: 12 Neutral Evil


Captain Terl Gol is the commander of the Ierendi Royal Guard’s forces that protect Elegy Island, at least the living forces. He is both commander of Malpipas Tower and Nyxs Post and does an excellent job with a strong arm and a swift brand of justice. He is cruel and violent.

Terl Gol was a convict and a prisoner on Aloysius Island with a full life sentence for the crimes of piracy and assassination. Nek-Ron Emptyeyes used his influences to buy him as a slave and told him this: " Work for Death Kahuna forever either alive or dead. " Since them 20 years have passed and he has been a loyal follower of the faith and has raised in ranks until becoming the Captain of all military forces on Elegy Island.

Captain Gol cannot command the undead forces of Elegy Island but in times of danger he is given a special medallion that allows him passage without been attacked by undeads.

Terl Gol

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