Tedup Zjiph

Captain of The FishSword


Captain Tedup Zjiph
Male Alphatian Human Wizard:10 Chaorit Evil

Count on the Alphatian Castes with clothes mostly Dark Blue in color.


Captain Tedup Zjiph of the ship The FishSword is a mercenary of the Alphatian Empire seas who does business in the Minrothad Guilds and Ierendi and any port he needs to go to get a fine share of gold. He has the non-landed title of Duke and has worked for the Alphatian Navy on the Isle of Dawn and has contacts with them. One of his ports of sail is the city of Edairo on the Kingdom of Thothia on the Isle of Dawn. He has some old Nithian magic item in his possession that make him dangerous.

He is a cruel and greedy man who has made business with pirates and slavers in the past.

Captain Tedup Zjiph is always in the company of two to four bodyguards that are loyal to him (Fighter:3/Rogue:3).

Tedup Zjiph

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