Teak Bootleleg

Navigator of the Black Skull


Teak Bootleleg
Male Ierendi Rogue: 3/Expert:7 Neutral Evil


Teak Bootleleg was navigator of the Black Skull the pirate ship of Captain Mad Greeg. It was called “bottle leg” because he had a compartment in his left peg leg and always hid there a bottle of whiskey.

Apparently he was the only crew member smart enough for Mad Greeg to communicate his plans or part of his plans. In some of our trips the captain will make Bootleleg go around and around to make the crew lose bearing. He then will get to an unknown or uncharted island and makes then work on his project.

Mad Greeg ordered the crafting of an item he called the “Black Skull Ring of the Crescent Moon” the family of The Black Skull’s navigator, Mr. Teak Bootleleg claim that at some time Mad Greeg gave Teak the medallion to hid and that Teak crafted the medallion into another shape or inside another shape. Mr. Teak declared that “ the medallion is a key to understand the real key, he has three keys like this… “ Is unknown if the medallion is a ring, a medallion or another jewel.

One day Mad Greeg had a little misunderstanding with Bootleleg. (“A lot of blood for a little misunderstanding, I must say.”) Teak died of the wounds.

Vael Owleyes tracks the descendants of Teak Bootleleg and finds out that his last grandson is named Ces-sus Benzoto and works at the West Lighthouse of Ierendi Island just 16 miles from Ierendi City.

Vael Owleyes meets with Yoshirou Nakajima at the Benno Treasure Maps with some news: “ While you and the Band of the Wolf were busy running around Ierendi Island and trying not to get killed by Redwig and the Ear of Bargle, I continued using Benedetto’s resources and tracked more information about Teak Bootleleg. We know that Teak was a jewel crafted and he was tasked by Mad Greeg to craft the jewel that will be known as the Black Skull Ring of the Crescent Moon, but he crafted many other jewels. He gained reputation and money because of his craft skill. As he never came back from his last voyage, his descendants sold his tools and jewels and lived of that money for a few generations. Ces-sus Benzoto been the one who sold the last piece. I was able to track the pieces and they have been acquired in the last 20 years by people from Safari Island. We have an un-identified collector and he could have the Crescent Moon without knowing the importance of it for solving the map. I still doesn’t know the real shape of the Crescent Moon.. “

Teak Bootleleg

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