Tana Nightwing

Weather Wizard


Tana Nightwing
Female Ierendi Halfling Wizard: 10 / Air Elementalist: 3 Chaotic Neutral


Tana Nightwing was a powerful wizard with concentration in weather and air spells who worked doing “special weather effect” for the tourist attractions of Safari Island. She was hired by the different organizers to provide with a storm, rain or any specific weather condition for their planned event.

Tana’s life wasn’t uneventful, she had encounters with other people of interest. At least two famous lovers: Shambella and Golden Tiger. At least two openly known enemies: Takara Weatherlight and Devrim AKuntesh. And at least two friends: Gherynid and Lali Surf-Rider. Tana was aspiring to the post on the Ierendi Permits and Certifications of the Ierendi Tribunal.

Two months ago, Tana was found death on her mansion on Sindaba Tower and Redbeard was accused of her death. An investigation is been conducted by the Ierendi Royal Guard. Captain Eligea Stormbreaker tells the Band of the Wolf that Tana was killed using an artifact that was a wooden toy in the shape of a miniature arp. The Band of the Wolf discovered that Tana was killed by the Iron Ring in a plan by Redwig Thellus Hendriks to kill members and people related to the Ierendi Tribunal.

During the events of The Hydra of Safari Island, the Band of the Wolf discover that their guide Yama Orce had lied about her experience tracking. She did that to be considered for the job. She follows the hydra’s tracks and finds a cave with a secret lab. The place had evidence of been owned by the late Tana Nightwing. Upon returning to Kobos the Band of the Wolf tell Yama to report to Jhonuko and she is given her full hunter privileges. She is told by Jhonuko that no one should know about Tana’s lab because that secret lab and her experiments were a “privilege of her position”. Two of the Honez brothers, Cinco and Pokosko, died during that adventure.

Tana Nightwing

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