Takashi Nakajima



Takashi Nakajima
Male Ochalean Human Expert: 9 Neutral Good


Takashi Nakajima is a 26 years old and is the oldest of the sons of Lord Hiroshi Nakajima and right hand to his father. He was married to Tai Miyamoto and had a son named Kaduki. His brother Katsurou Nakajima had a servant named Podu who is a good friend of tha family and a tutor and bodyguard to his son. He collected fans with pictures of creatures.

Takashi died a year ago, killed in a brutal attack to a caravan of his father that was working on he Celestial Territories.

Lady Kimiko Takahashi explained Yoshirou Nakajima: " Your brother Takashi died a year ago when his caravan was attacked by what was reported were gnolls. A valuable cargo of five carts of iron and five carts of copper rods was lost. His caravan was moving from Wongahao Tsushao to Waping Piao through the Great Dragon Spires. "

" Both your brothers Haruki and Haruto were forced to comply to family tradition and to take the place of their brother helping your father on the family business. They both failed miserably. I, Kimiko Takahashi have been forced to protect the family honor and income. At the same time that your father and patriarch of the family, Hiroshi Nakajima, is working at the Celestial Domain province, I have travels to Waping Piao with my grandson Kaduki Nakajima and servants. I have been well received by my longtime friend Guin Po who, as always, asked me for the honor of staying here at the Waping Piao Government Halls. "

Sangyeng explains to Yoshirou Nakajima that his brother Takashi was also a member of the Shima Rebellion and was transporting a precious cargo to visit the villages of the provinces and move them to rebel against the Thyatian Empire. Takashi was transporting The Jade Princess and that now his soul cannot rest because he lost such a precious treasure. Sangyeng has been seen the ghost of Takashi who has guided her to find Yoshirou. She believes that Takashi wants her to help Yoshirou find the statue.

During the events of Ambushing Onedea, Sangyeng and Yoshirou Nakajima are able to recover The Jade Princess with the help of the Band of the Wolf. The ghost of his brother Takashi Nakajima appear to him, now revitalized. Yoshirou told him: " I’m not looking for this responsibility, I cannot be part of the Shima Rebellion like you. I’m not into politics. " Takashi’s ghost answered: " You don’t have to be. You did something greater for your brother’s soul and that is bigger than honor, that’s love. "

Takashi Nakajima

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