Suliana Mulatovilus

Thyatian noble


Suliana Mulatovilus
Female Thyatian Human 49yo Aristocrat:5/Cleric:3 Lawful Good
Cleric of Athenea on the Church of Thyatis


Suliana Mulatovilus is the daughter of Senator Xaturis Mulatovilus and his late wife Elenaia. She was known for a scandal involving her having a secret child of General Troyus Machistes. She joined a convent of the Church of Thyatis and stayed there for many years. There she become a Cleric of Athenea.

Her daughter grew to be Countess Caida Machistes a noble and strong leader of the County of Cabanis.

As promised by the Band of the Wolf, Viikker Travelmarch uses his Corridor Masters’ powers to transport Troyus Machistes and Suliana Mulatovilus to the County of Cabanis in the Isle of Dawn.

Suliana Mulatovilus

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