Silver Sword Warrior

Legend of the Silver Warrior


Silver Sword Warrior
Traladaran Fighter: 17 / (?)


The Silver Sword Warrior is a local legend of the traladarans in Sulescu. He is like a ghost who kills werewolves and saves the villagers. He fights with a silver long sword and wears an old armor with silver spikes to wound werewolves who try to grapple him. His shield is very old, is also silver tipped with a serpent and a sword inscribed. The armor is an old traladaran full plate armor.

At least in two ocasions the Band of the Wolf saw him, the first in Hamlet of Cassidor, the second in Abigail Farmstead.

See more information in the adventure: Silver Sword vs Wolfsbane Mace. On that adventure Zuleidan Kithkany claimed he was an “aberration” and he had been fighting against werewolves and herself for a full day and part of the night.

He transformed into a swarm of bats and escaped.

Silver Sword Warrior

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