Sherlane Halaran

Baron Sherlane Halaran


Baron Sherlane Halaran CR 14
Patriarch of Threshold
Church of Karameikos
Male Human Cleric 14 ; LG Medium Humanoid ; Init: + 0; Senses: Listen + 5, Spot + 4 ; Aura: Aura of Good ; Languages: Thyatian, Traladaran
AC: 10 Touch 10 Flat-footed 10 ; Hp: 52 (14d8 HD) ; Fort: + 8, Ref: + 4, Will: + 13
Speed: 30 ft. ; Melee: Light mace + 9/ + 4 melee (1d6 – 1) ; Ranged: + 10 ; Base Atk: + 10; Grp: + 9 ; Special Actions: Turn Undead
Spells Prepared: (CL 14th; Ranged Touch Attack: + 10)
7th Level: Greater Restoration, Holy Word, Regenerate *
6th Level: Animate Object, Anti-Magic Field*, Blade Barrier, Word of Recall
5th Level: Atonement, Commune Raise Dead, Spell Resistance *
4th Level: Discern Lies, Dispel Magic, Neutralise Poison, Restoration, Spell Immunity * , Tongues
3rd Level: Continual Flame, Magic Vestment, Protection from Energy * , Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Disease
2nd Level: Enthral, Find Traps, Hold Person x2, Remove Paralysis, Shield Other * , Silence
1st Level: Bless, Command, Detect Evil, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear, Sanctuary * , Shield of Faith
0 Level: Detect Magic x2, Light x2, Purify Food & Water, Resistance.

  • Domain Spell; Domains: Healing, Protection
    Abilities: Str 9, Dex 10, Con 8, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 14
    Feats: Brew Potion, Combat Casting, Empower Spell, Extra Turning, Negotiator, Scribe Scroll
    Skills: Concentration + 15, Diplomacy + 19, Heal + 14, Knowledge (History) + 12, Knowledge (Religion) + 19, Listen + 5, Ride , Sense Motive + 7, Spellcraft + 11, Spot + 4

Baron Sherlane Halaran of Threshold is in his early 60s, an aging warrior-cleric who’s still capable of hoisting a mace in the name of righteousness. His hair is snow-white; he goes clean-shaven. His eyes are blue. His most dominant facial characteristic is the prominent, jutting nose. He wears unpretentious clerical robes and does not wear a baronial coronet.

Patriarch of Threshold ( Church of Karameikos )

Sherlane Halaran was a Patriarch of the Church of Thyatis before following Duke Stefan Karameikos to Karameikos. Halaran was saddled with double duties in the Kingdom of Karameikos; he was granted the title of Baron of the Threshold area, and the newly-founded Church of Karameikos named him as Patriarch of the area. He has, however, executed both his secular and religious duties fairly and well, and is highly regarded by the people of Threshold.

Halaran’s character is made up of both grandfatherly affection and stern discipline. Behave in a good-natured manner, stay within the laws, and he’s the cheery, soft-spoken man liked so well by the people of Threshold. Act in an unbecoming manner by attacking or insulting someone, breaking the law, or just behaving childishly and he becomes grim and ominous, eyes flashing anger as he pronounces sentence on the offender. His niece Aleena Halaran is very important to him as he promised to his brother and sister in law to take care of her since she was a little girl.

Speaking with Beniamin Zugravescu, Valora Venatti discovered that the Barony of Threshold is in a state of bankruptcy and that is the reason why Arthol Dellbell is “second on command” but there is no Guard Captain and why the troops of the guard are so few. This is something that the Baron Sherlane Halaran and his niece Lady Aleena Halaran know but keep in secret. A secret that the whole population know.

Sherlane Halaran

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