Master of Danger Tour


Shambella Safari Island
Male Half-Elf Makai 59yo Fighter: 16


Shambella is the owner and Master Tour Guide of Shambella Safari Island. He is a proud half-elf makai warrior who has survive countless battles and woes the tourists with his stories, scars and tattoos.

When not working at his guided tour, Shambella stays at Ierendi City living in his mansion located on Beverly Boulevard and dressing and speaking like a thaytian noble. His many travels and conquests have make him a very interested person to speak with.

Shambella is a member of the Adventurers Club Headquarters and is used as an example of a hero’s vocation by many. He competes on the Ierendi Royal Tournament every occasion he can just to show off and has even retired days before the end of the tournament with a good amount of points.


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