Sergam Constantin

Master of Exotic Weapons


Sergam Constantin
Neutral Human
Male Wizard 13
45 yrs.
Master of the Net, Staff and Rod.


Masters Rolahem Belmont and Sergam Constantine are the owners of the Daggers Fencing School located on the city of Specularum in the Kingdom of Karameikos. They are a retired rogue and wizard whose desire is to see their small yet prestigious school to compete with Renns School of the Blade.

Sergam became a wizard a very young age. His dedication to studies actually hindered his adventuring career which started later in his life. One day he met a young cleric girl on the outskirts of the city of Specularum. She looked very fragile and yet her prowess with divine magic was unparalleled. Sergam decided to accompany her in order to keep her safe.

A few years before retirement and the founding of the school, Sergam and the young cleric girl meet Rolahem. After an encounter in which Rolahem helped save the young girl, Sergam invited him to travel with them. On one fateful evening, after years of travelling together, Sergam fell asleep from all his reading and they were ambushed by a group of Ghouls. This slip on Sergam’s part caused the young girl her life. After this event, Rolahem suggested that they moved to a quieter place and train other young people in the arts of combat. Sergam unable to cope with the death of his friend agreed with Rolahem and so they moved to Specularum to become Masters.

Sergam Constantin

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