Male Gnoll Fighter: 7 Chaotic


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SeaWolf is a gnoll fisherman that has been living in Tokraka for the last 15 years. He wasn’t born there but has gained the trust of the locals by staying outside their paths and minding his own business. He sells fresh lobsters to the local cookers. He lives in a lone hut near the beach north of the village. He dislikes strangers.

SeaWolf’s tattoos are a combination of Makai and Thothian tattoos. The Thothian tattoos show that he was originally a Rubus Gnoll from the Isle of Dawn.

SeaWolf was a slave liberated by either the ELIA (Ejercito LiberaciĆ³n Isla del Atardecer) or the The Slave Trail.

Seawolf died defending the village of Tokraka against Bargles Bugbears.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero