Human Cleric of Athena


Sister Sarabelle
Neutral Good Human Female Cleric:1
16yo, 157lbs, 5’11”
Cleric of Athena
Domains: Knowledge and Healing


Sarabelle is an orphan and was raised in a clergy, and a strict one at that. At some point she began to believe that her religion is the true one, and everyone else is following the wrong path. So she set out with her teacher Priest Ruloc Phousus on a pilgrimage to convert others to her religion. She thinks that been a believer of the power of the Athena makes her an enlightened person in a world full of darkness. “Forward, my daughter, bring light into darkness.” She was raised in a Comfortable Social Class on the Kingdom of Karameikos and is a cleric of the Immortal Athena of the Church of Thyatis.

Her teacher Priest Ruloc Phousus, is trying to teach her: " We know not everything, nor are we the keepers of all the answers. We seek wisdom by experience, we seek knowledge in been humble. Athena will guide use. " Her teacher Ruloc was killed by an Aranea that posed as Valika Songcrafter.

Aranhil Thunderseeker, Sarabelle and Helethil Bluebelleyes helped solve the mystery on Strange adventures in Highforge and Tukania and Beranta Silveredge are in debt with them.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero