Sao Feng

Retired Pirate


Captain Sao Feng
Male Ochalean Human Rogue:3/Fighter:11/Expert:1


Captain Sao Feng is the owner of the biggest export ship on Ronowac on Roister Island. He exports odd plants and fruits to the other islands specially Ierendi Island but also to other nations like his homeland of Ochalea. Sao Feng is a man of action who has retired and converted his old pirate ship into a merchant ship before the violence of the pirate live would take both to the bottom of the sea. He sometimes remember his times as a pirate and wonders if he had become rich or famous. His ship’s name is The Wind Dragon. Sao Feng is a serious and dedicated man who doesn’t like people wasting him time.

Sao Feng was born on the Province of Shou on Ochalea to a family of merchants and fishermen.

SECRET: Without nobody knowing in Ierendi, Keoni and Sao Feng are business partners and owners of a import and export merchantile business called the The Happy Islander. People believe that Keoni attacks ships o Ochalea to get their cargo and sell it in Ierendi City and Specularum but in reality he has a legitimate business in the city of Waping Piao with 2 more wifes and 10 sons.

Sao Feng

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