Captain Sandokan the Pirate


Male Human 49yo Rogue: 15 (¿?) Neuttral
Captain Sandokan, Pirate of the Alphatian Seas.


Born in the islands of Ierendi, friend of Badula Mahoma Aquino and Patriarh Fedon of Aristia, Sandokan is best known for his constant attack on the slaver ships of the Alphatian Empire and the Thyatian Empire, his ongoing war against the Iron Ring and his love of fine wine and beautiful women. He is rumored to have a flying ship and a secret port in an unknown location near the Isle of Dawn.

Sandokan is friend with a lot of retired heroes around Mystara but doesn’t want to retire himself. Legends tell that his crew is full of ladies of different countries who he has ’ liberated ’
from rich families and trained to be pirates and are loyal to him.

Sandokan has a manor on Ierendi City that is called Sandokan Manor.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero