Rusianus Vladetronus

General Rusianus Vladetronus


Rusianus Vladetronus
Male Thyatian Human 59yo Fighter: 15 Neutral Evil


General Rusianus Vladetronus (also known as General Tri-Scars) is the current head of the Thyatian Empire military on Ochalea. He has no respect for Ochalean Customs but tolerated them as part of his functions. Recently he was able to alert the government of Thyatian Empire about his findings of rebellion forces of dissidents of Ochalea origins. He found an ally on the Thyatian Senate on Senator Xaturis Mulatovilus who could push a series of military actions.

He is command of the Unit 3 – XXV Imperial Legion
His personal unit is composed of 50 legionaries.
He also has a Secret Unit M under his protection.

Armies of Ochalea

Rusianus Vladetronus

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