Ruloc Phousus

Priest of Athena


Priest Ruloc Phousus
Male Thyatian Human Cleric:5 of Athena


Priest Ruloc Phousus is a native of the Thyatian Empire, a cleric and a teacher of the Church of Thyatis on the city of Specularum of the Kingdom of Karameikos. For one part, he is a kind and wise man who always thinks before acting, but is also a tough man who has strong rules and convictions.

He is the teacher and mentor of Sister Sarabelle and she is travelling with him as part of her training. In their trip to Highforge they hear the rumor about a “A fountain that spouts water which heals all sickness has erupted from the ground.” He believes that it will be wise to check the rumor even if the local Church of Moradin is investigating.

It was discovered by Aranhil Thunderseeker and Sarabelle that Valika Songcrafter was actually an Arenea . She was killing people at Highforge Family Mines, including Ruloc Phousus and was killed by them.

Ruloc Phousus

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