Rory Barbarosa

Captain of the The RedWhale


Rory Barbarosa
Male Human Rogue: 5/Fighter:5


Captain Rory Barbarosa, also known as The Killer Whale, was a well-known adventurer and sea captain who died about 30 years ago. His ship, “The RedWhale”, was adorned with a figurehead of a whale and he used to sign with a small drawing of a whale and his initials.

A little research in local taverns of the Kingdom of Karameikos reveal that just before he died, Rory was indeed recruiting for a journey south. He had been blown off course on his last voyage and had hardly been in town a day before he started signing on new hands.
Unfortunately, Rory angered a powerful wizard over a lost wager and died horribly before his journey south began.

A ship’s log signed by Rory Barbarosa was found by an adventurers group called The King Companions and they used it to travel to the Isle of Dread shortly after he died.

Not only does the story of Rory Barbarosa’s death confirm the writing on the parchment, but every rumor that can be track down about the area tends to confirm the account.

Rory Barbarosa

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